10 great holiday gifts for fans of the paranormal

Looking for holiday gifts with a decidedly paranormal twist? Here are some suggestions for friends and family -- or perhaps a treat for yourself. You'll find items in a wide price range to suit any budget, and for just about any age. Shop now so you'll get the goods in time for the holidays.

1. Fringe: The Complete First Season

Fringe First Season Box SetFOX
As you might know, I'm a big fan of this show. I think it's become every bit as good as The X-Files. So I can heartily recommend this boxed set of the first season, which follows the investigations of FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham, FBI consultant Peter Bishop and his mad-scientist father Dr. Walter Bishop in which they encounter all manner of strange phenomena, weird creatures and villains from another dimension. Good stuff (and the second season is even better, but you'll have to wait until next year for that set). DVD and Blu-Ray formats.
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2. The Mothman's Photographer II

The Mothman's Photographer IIBooksurge Llc
This book's subtitle, "Meetings With Remarkable Witnesses Touched by Paranormal Phenomena, UFOs, and the Prophecies of West Virginia's Infamous Mothman," gives you a good indication of what's in store. Photographer Andrew Colvin, who grew up in West Viginia, returns to that area, site of the famous Mothman phenomena of the 1960s. He also recounts his travels to many Mothman, UFO and Bigfoot sighting spots, as well as the "vortex" spot where many creatures were seen.
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3. Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Ghostbusters: The Video GameAtari
This new video game became an instant hit when it came out recently. It features likenesses and voices of the original cast (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson) and was written by the creators of the Ghostbusters movies. Once again, Manhattan is invested with pesky ghosts and demons, and your job as the newest Ghostbusters recruit is to go after them, armed with an array of cool gadgets and weapons. Available for XBox, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, SONY PS2 and PS3.
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4. Ghost Hunting Equipment and Supplies

EMF meterGhost-Mart.com
For the ghost hunter on your gift list, Ghost-Mart has tons of gadgets, high-tech equipment, clothing, books, magazines, DVDs and more. You'll find EMF meters, DVRs and voice recorders, ambient temperature thermometers, motion sensors and alarms, night vision equipment, infrared cameras, pocket vests and bags, and equipment cases. They even have ghost-themed decorations. And the prices seem pretty reasonable.

5. Paratracker Paranormal Case Management Software

ParatrackerMarvel Illusions
What good is a paranormal investigation if you're not keeping track of all the data? Paratracker is PC-based software designed to help a ghost- or monster-hunting team detail all of their clients, research, equipment readings, images, sounds, reports and more. It even includes a Google Maps connection that downloads and stores a map of the investigation location. Pretty cool!

6. Haunted

Haunted graphic novelJoshua Smeaton
If your gift recipient is into comic books and graphic novels, definitely check out Joshua Smeaton's Haunted. Joshua started the Haunted series as a web comic, but he is self-publishing the newest edition and it's available now for pre-order at the link above. In Joshua's own words: "It's an adventure story about a group of junior-high kids. They sneak in to a high school Halloween party thrown at an abandoned mansion. When the cops bust the party the kids hide in the basement to avoid getting caught. Unfortunately for them, the place is haunted." Read more about it here.

7. ForteanTimes

Magazines make great gifts because they are ongoing, arriving every month or two months for a year (or just 6 months if you're a cheapskate). ForteanTimes, published in the UK, covers the entire spectrum of strange phenomena, from ghosts and poltergeists to psychic powers and weird creatures -- as well as everyday weirdness. Lots of interesting reading every issue.

8. FATE Posters

For fans of FATE magazine (count me among them), they are offering poster-size reprints of many of their very cool classic covers. (I have two of them hanging on my office wall.) The posters measure 11x17 and are suitable for framing. And while you're in the FATE store, check out their other products, including books, CDs of Hilly Rose interviews (hey! there's one with me!), DVDs and VHS tapes, T-shirts, crystals and gemstones -- and, of course, a subscription to FATE. (I wish they still had their cool calendars.) You can't go wrong here.

9. Printed Paranormal Gifts

CafePress T-shirtCafePress
CafePress has a wide assortment of imprinted gifts for the paranormal geek, including T-shirts, sweat shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, mugs, journals, magnets, calendars, license plate frames, hats, stickers, mouspads and more. They have a wide selection of available designs, logos and sayings, or you can even design your own for a customized, personalized gift.

10. Wood Spirit Boards

Wood Spirit BoardsDragonOak.com
I know a lot of people are reluctant to have Ouija-type boards around, but these are too cool to resist. These are custom-designed, handmade boards and planchettes in a variety of styles, including rectangular and round shapes. Themes include Egyptian, Dragon, Celtic, Owl, Fairy Magick, Unicorn, Wiccan, Old English, Pagan, Gothic, Haunted Forest and more. Contact spirits in style!